Ingenuity Systems

Modern solutions for factoring and invoice discounting

Ingenuity Systems Purchasing Accounts Receivable

A custom developed solution, re-engineered for the web. Featuring system-wide risk management, ability to white label, simple conversion and data migration and affordable and rapid deployment.

In the Browser

Secure, scalable, web-based software, built on the LAMP stack. Available as a SaaS solution, or with other customisable hosting options.

New from Ninja Creative

Ninja Creative, the development arm of Ingenuity Systems has released new Smart Technology. Smart Pages, Applications and Processes. Innovative front office technology to complement your existing Factoring Back Office. Increase your footprint and enhance your relationship with Brokers/Introducers and Prospects. Click here to learn more.

Platform Opportunity

ISPAR is the perfect platform to take control of your IT. Lease access to source or purchase a copy. Become a disrupter and be in charge.

Bespoke Solutions

Tailored implementations to suit your business requirements from the ground up.