About Us

Ingenuity Systems & Frank Fitzgerald

Ingenuity Systems was founded to provide a system for Benchmark Debtor Finance when in Startup mode in 1998. The system was originally written in Pro-IV on an Oracle DB. In 2005 the system was rewritten in the LAMP stack and moved to a private cloud to minimise infrastructure costs and make deployment simple. In 2013, Apricity Finance commenced using Ispar.

Frank Fitzgerald is a software developer with 35 years experience designing and implementing systems for large clients. In 1986, Frank and Murray Westphal founded All Solutions which produced Trustee, Trust and Master Trust systems for some of the largest financial services companies in Australia, NZ, Singapore, HK and Malaysia. All Solutions was sold to Sungard in 1996.

The standard practise for All Solutions and Ingenuity Systems was and is to "Alter the software to suit the business NOT alter the business to suit the software", hence our systems are customised to enable the best fit.